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Last signed in : 2013-04-14 11:52:59

I**** O*****

Age : 40
Gender : Female
London, London

I am a Primary School Teacher looking to babysit/tutor in the evenings, weekends and during end of term holidays (including the long Summer holiday).

Last signed in : 2013-04-03 11:29:27

S**** W*****

Age : 35
Gender : Female
Acton, London

English is my first language. I am trust worthly,fun,honest,realible and always know how to make sure your child has lots of fun while learning in every day life.

Last signed in : 2013-04-07 04:55:55

E**** M*****

Age : 30
Gender : Female
Bermonsday, london, London

Im very reliable, trustworthy, kind, energetic, patient, calm, responsible honest and a positive person with a can do attitude. I truly enjoy being around kids and play with them. I love music, reading books and volleyball. I also like cooking especially Italian Food.

Last signed in : 2013-04-03 03:58:03

E**** B*****

Age : 93
Gender : Female
London, London

I'm a bubbly, polite and enthusiastic Italian girl who love children's care - i have two years of experience. I worked as nanny with tree different family, the youngest girl i took care was about six months when i started, of course i also had to take care of her two brothers, one was about six, and the other was about four. I enjoyed so much staying with them and look them growing up, it was really satisfying. And i was a bit proud of myself when they give my number to other friends, it means that they really apreciate my work. Of course, sometimes those family asked me to do some housework I'm funny, responsable, and i know how organize my time in a productive way. NOT LIVE IN!

Last signed in : 2013-04-02 02:18:16

K**** H*****

Age : 41
Gender : Female
Wood green, London

Hello my name is Kvetka,I am from Slovakia. I have 7 years experience with the kids. I am very hard working person,reliable,responsible fun and creative,attentive

Last signed in : 2016-07-11 13:29:44

A**** A*****

Age : 49
Gender : Female
Iondon, Select County

Dear Parents. At the moment im available on Tuesdays-full day, in the evenings and at the weekends. I am Available full time from august/september.I have experience with infants , toddlers and children up to 12 years.. I am very friendly and happy person, very sociable, I have a lot of energy and enjoy making children laugh. I understand the importance of responsibility and discipline but I equally know the importance of having fun and stimulation. I try with kids as many things as possible to see what they enjoy and are good at .I am organising play dates and fun trips to the numerous and varied interests of kids. I am very good at dealing with childhood development and take a real interest in dealing with problems, such as behaviour, eating, sleeping. I am very punctual, loyal and reliable For me there's nothing more rewarding than working with children, when you see how they grow and learn new things every day, that's what makes me happy...and looking forward to coming to work every day. I think every single child is such a miracle itself and to have the opportunity to help raise them is beyond words.

Last signed in : 2013-04-02 01:28:35

N**** M*****

Age : 31
Gender : Female
London, Greater London

I live with my family: mother, father and two sisters in London, England where I was born and educated. I am the eldest of six cousins, three of whom live in Sydney, Australia, and three who live in Toronto, Canada. We are very close and often visit one another. Being a keen sportsperson I am very team minded and enjoy good competition. I studied Physical Education at both GCSE and AS Level, where I had to demonstrate coaching skills in various different sports. I founded and coached my school’s first ever soccer team. Today, I have just completed my Football Association Level 1 Award and expect to complete Level 2 by April 2013. I am currently volunteering as an assistant coach at a local youth soccer team. During my spare time I often visit my health club, as I am very passionate about health and fitness and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Since leaving school, I worked for a gaming company in London until December 2012. The experience taught me responsibility, strong organizational skills, the ability to take initiative and make decisions, and to always show a positive attitude. My role included extensive travel. I have visited several countries such as: China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Singapore, Italy and the United States (New York and Chicago). I plan to start a degree in Soccer Coaching and Performance Analysis at University in September 2013, and work with professional athletes in a career thereafter. I believe I can be a excellent Child Minder based on my previous experience and would welcome the opportunity with children of all ages.

Last signed in : 2013-04-02 10:07:04

A**** B*****

Age : 36
Gender : Female
London, Select County

I am from Hungary and I've been in London for 1 year. I am originally a Special Needs Educator and Therapist, but I work as an au-pair now. I have lots of free time beside it, that's why I'd like to find a part time job. I have a kind, helpful and patient personality,which is essential to my profession. I like playing, learning and simply being with children. :)

Last signed in : 2013-04-02 09:28:43

K**** B*****

Age : 37
Gender : Female
London, London

I have recently returned to education as a mature student studying Children's Nursing in London. I've been working with children of all ages in different settings for 10 years now.

Last signed in : 2013-04-02 08:00:32

l**** l*****

Age : 29
Gender : Female
islington, London